I’m Dirk Flinthart, author of Path of Night and contributor to the anthologies Epilogue and After the Rain. On each of these projects, the primary proofreader was Elizabeth Disney, and I am humbly grateful to have had her onboard.

Proofreading is the bane of the writer, the terror of the editor. When you’re concentrating on the big picture, it’s extraordinarily difficult to focus on the small things — and yet it’s the little stuff that jumps out at the reader, threatening to shatter that all-important sense of immersion. That’s why having a proofreader like Elizabeth Disney is such a boon. Knowing she’s there to pick up the things you miss means that little bit of extra mental space you can dedicate to choosing the right words, and building the story. I think of her as the safety net below the trapeze act: nobody really sees it, but if it’s not there when you need it, things get ugly fast. Knowing Elizabeth is down there lets me swing a little faster, aim a little higher — and that can only be good for the readers.


I’ve been lucky enough to have my work proofread by Elizabeth on several occasions — both short and long form. She has such a keen eye for detail and her work is always exceptional. I’m pleased every time I learn she will do the proofread, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Joanne Anderton, author of Veiled Worlds Trilogy, The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories


Elizabeth Disney has worked for FableCroft Publishing as a proofreader for several years and over a number of different projects. Elizabeth has proven adept at prompt and comprehensive line editing of both short and long form fiction across several genres, adhering to house style and broader guidelines as required. She has proved capable of looking at the big picture, ensuring continuity of details such as spelling and naming conventions, as well as maintaining a professional standard of correction of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors. Her efficient method and attention to detail has meant our books are better products for our readers, and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a freelance line editor.

Tehani Wessely, Publisher, FableCroft Publishing

Elizabeth is an excellent, thorough proofreader, and my books always feel very safe in her hands! I appreciate her diligence and professionalism very much.

Tansy Rayner Roberts, author of The Creature Court Trilogy, Ink Black Magic and Love and Romanpunk

Elizabeth has been proofreading our books before they go to print at Twelfth Planet Press for several years. She has consistently proven her fine eye for detail, keen grasp of grammar and punctuation and has highlighted inconsistencies as well as factual errors. I don’t consider our books to be polished until after Elizabeth has taken her fine toothcomb to them.

Alisa Krasnostein, editor and publisher Twelfth Planet Press.

I used Elizabeth’s services for proofreading my novel. It was a difficult job, with lots of non-standard spelling and patois. She did a fantastic job, working with a style sheet to pick up many issues with the text. I am a professional editor myself, so I have a good appreciation of the kind of skill this takes! I would recommend her services to anyone.

Andrew Macrae, author of Trucksong