ED Editorial Services

ED Editorial Services offers both editing and proofreading services and specialises in speculative fiction, crime, historical fiction, general fiction, romance, YA and children’s writing, as well as non-fiction.

You want your manuscript to go to print in its most professional form. Grammatical errors and inconsistencies can easily be overlooked due to your close long term involvement with the manuscript. A fresh review by an independent reader will help locate overlooked errors and help present your manuscript in the best possible form. In addition to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, polished work also involves strong writing and good craftsmanship. ED Editorial Services offers constructive structural edits, suggestions and comments for your consideration.

I pay great attention to detail:

  • finding and correcting spelling and grammatical errors
  • punctuation (adhering to author’s style)
  • identifying textual inconsistencies and suggesting ways of overcoming these
  • identifying all manner of mistakes and ambiguities
  • correct setting out of dialogue
  • ensuring the paragraphing makes the text flow

These are just a few of the elements of our feedback which will help improve the readability and presentation of any manuscript.



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